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How to make money in the game?
Let us show you a complete list of possible activities in the game:
— Movements (walking, running, cycling)
— Killing zombies in AR
— Team battles with zombies
— Special events
— Competitions between users
Does the CyberCats project have a smart contract audit?
Yes, the smart contract of our project has passed audits of Solidity Finance and SolidProof.
Has the team completed a KYC?
Yes, our team has completed a KYC: https://novos.tech/CyberCat_KYC.html
Why do I need an exclusive NFT
Exclusive NFTs help you earn more and faster in the game. You don't have to waste time on initial character development; you will immediately be able to experience all the delights of the gameplay and a variety of mechanics. Moreover, exclusive NFTs are constantly increasing in price in the Marketplace, so this is a good investment.
Why do I need a CyberCat?
Your CyberCat develops during the game. You can level up its parameters to defeat more zombies and earn more $CCAT. Among other things, your CyberCat can generate additional income when another user rents it. You can also sell it in the Marketplace.
Why do I need a Cyberland?
Cyberland can and should be improved to become more valuable and give more bonuses to your CyberCat, directly affecting the earnings of $CCAT tokens. You can receive $CCAT by renting or selling your land in the Marketplace.
What blockchain is the game being developed on?
The game is being developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BEP-20 SmartContract: 0x1064497597e9295e27a24435dab15cf67daf3558
Where can I find the Whitepaper?
You can find our Whitepaper here.
When will the game be available?
The project is at the stage of Private Sale. After that, there will be a Public Sale and listing on the PancakeSwap, after which everyone can start playing CyberCats.
Will it be possible to sell or exchange my NFT in the Marketplace?
Yes, it will.
Will it be possible to rent CyberCats and CyberLands?
Yes, if you want to avoid committing to purchasing your very own NFT CyberCat and give the app a go, you can rent a Cat directly from another user. It is possible also lease CyberCats and CyberLands NFTs for passive income.