How to make money in the game?
Let us show you a complete list of possible activities in the game:
— Movements (walking, running, cycling)
— Killing zombies in AR
— Team battles with zombies
— Special events
— Competitions between users
Does the CyberCats project have a smart contract audit?
Yes, the smart contract of our project has passed audits of Solidity Finance and SolidProof.
Has the team completed a KYC?
Yes, our team has completed a KYC:
Why do I need an exclusive NFT
Exclusive NFTs help you earn more and faster in the game. You don't have to waste time on initial character development; you will immediately be able to experience all the delights of the gameplay and a variety of mechanics. Moreover, exclusive NFTs are constantly increasing in price in the Marketplace, so this is a good investment.
What is CyberCats?
CyberCats is a Free-to-Play Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that allows you to bring gaming reality into the real world using AR technology. You can interact with the magnificent game world, fight zombies, walk with your CyberCat, earn $CCAT tokens, improve your NFTs and sell them!
What is the aim of the project?
The game's primary goal is to establish a strong connection with your digital cat and motivate you to lead a more active lifestyle with the help of the desire to develop your pet and its land.
Can you tell me about the team?
Our CyberCats team has extensive experience creating large fan bases, and our innovative approach can attract many more people to the world of crypto games.
Where can I learn more about the project?
First and foremost, you should read our Whitepaper to understand what we are building and why. For additional information, follow our Telegram, Medium, and Twitter posts or join our Discord server.
How and where to buy $CCAT token?
You can buy our token on the Private Sale page.
How to purchase exclusive NFTs?
You can do it on the page of Exclusive NFTs.